Edson Ramiro Lucas Filho
Ph.D. candidate at UFPR

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Federal University of Paraná under the supervision of professor Eduardo Cunha de Almeida.

Reach me by e-mail: erlfilho at inf.ufpr.br

I worked as a software engineer at the SnT, University of Luxembourg (SnT), in the Testing Orders of Magnitude project under the supervision of professors Eduardo Cunha de Almeida and Yves Le Traon.

I did my master and my bachelors in Computer Science also at UFPR. During the bachelors I worked as a trainee in a few projects at the Center for Scientific Computing and Free Software.


A Self-Tuning Engine for SQL-On-Hadoop (work in progress).
Ferramenta para decorar versículos.


Apache Spark
Tutorial em português do Apache Spark.


My work can be found in Google Patents, or in the World Intellectual Property Organization directory, Google Scholar, DBLP, and Lattes.