CI396 / CI852

Topics in Computer Vision

Second semester of 2016

1st Practical Activity - Face Identification

  1. Download the example [adapted version + for FaceDet]
    • Implement codes to load the databases [code]
  2. Implement a function to compute the mean face for: [code]
  3. Compute the first five eigenfaces for both databases
  4. Implement the Eigenface and Fisherface method...
    • Use a cross-validation scheme of leave-one-"expression or lighting" for the Yace Face Database. What expression/lighting is the worst in terms of accuracy?
    • Use a ten-fold cross-validation scheme and report the mean an stand deviation accuracies for the ORL database. Is there a difference statisical significance between the reported values?
  5. Provide a runtime analysis for training and testing?


Send by email the generated codes until the begining of the next theorectical class