*Accepted Papers*

SBIA 2012 proceedings will be published in the Springer series of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence

Title Authors
A coalition formation mechanism for trust and reputation-aware multi-agent systems Bruno Hoelz,
Celia Ralha
A Framework for Empirical Evaluation of Belief Change Operators Renato Lundberg,
Marcio Ribeiro,
Renata Wassermann
A New Ecology-based Heterogeneous Approach for Cooperative Search Rafael Parpinelli,
Heitor Lopes
A Parallel Approach to Clustering with Ant Colony Optimization Guilherme Ramos
A Symbolic Representation Method to Preserve the Characteristic Slope of Time Series Willian Zalewski,
Fabiano Silva,
Feng Chung Wu,
Huei Lee,
André Gustavo Maletzke
An Architectural Model for Autonomous Normative Agents Baldoino Santos Neto,
Viviane Torres da Silva,
Carlos Lucena
An evaluation of the model of stigmergy in a RoboCup Rescue multiagent system Gabriel Rigo da Cruz Jacobsen,
Carlos Barth,
Fernando dos Santos
Automatic Analysis of Leishmania Infected Microscopy Images via Gaussian Mixture Models Pedro Nogueira,
Luís Teófilo
Context-sensitive ASR for controlling the navigation of mobile robots Gabriel Araújo,
Hendrik Macedo
Density Based Pattern Discovery in Distributed Time Series Josenildo da Silva,
Omar Cortes,
Gustavo Oliveira,
Matthias Klusch
Filter Approach Feature Selection Methods to Support Multi-label Learning Based on RelieF and Information Gain Newton Spolaôr,
Everton Alvares Cherman,
Maria Monard,
Huei Lee
Image retrieval by content based on a visual attention model and genetic algorithms Milton Heinen,
Paulo Engel
Knowledge-Intensive Word Disambiguation via Common-Sense and Wikipedia Vasco Furtado,
Vladia Pinheiro,
Lívio Melo Freire,
Caio Ferreira
Link prediction in complex networks based on cluster information Jorge Carlos Valverde Rebaza,
Alneu Lopes
On the development of a formal methodology for knowledge representation in defeasible logic programming Alejandro Stankevicius,
Marcela Capobianco
On the Use of Consensus Clustering for Incremental Learning of Topic Hierarchies Ricardo Marcacini,
Eduardo Hruschka,
Solange Rezende
Orchestrating Multiagent Learning of Penalty Games Ana Bazzan
Profile Management and Recommendation in Communities of Practice based on Multiagent Systems João Luis Tavares da Silva,
Sidinei Lubenow,
Alexandre Ribeiro
Providing trade-off techniques subsets to improve software testing effectiveness: Using evolutionary algorithm to support software testing techniques selection by a web tool Aurélio Grande,
Arilo Dias Neto,
Rosiane Rodrigues
SeMaps: enabling semantics on crowd maps Henrique Santos,
Vasco Furtado
Sensorimotor Domain Approach for Artificial Autonomous Cognitive Development Mauro Muñoz,
Márcio Netto
User-centric Principles in Automated Decision Making Ingrid Nunes,
Simon Miles,
Michael Luck,
Carlos Lucena
Wearable Computing: Accelerometers Data Classification of Body Postures and Movements Wallace Ugulino,
Débora Cardador,
Katia Vega,
Eduardo Velloso,
Ruy Milidiú,
Hugo Fuks

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