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Corrections to: The Italian Greyhound - 21st Century

Pg. 22 is not correctly titled. It should be Ch. Genica Cirque du Soleil (Ch. Marchwind Warren of Loranne X Ch. Soloaria Three Ring Circus) bred by George Crawford and Nick Alvarez and owned by Julie Pizzirulli and George Crawford.

Pg. 26 should have the heading CANADA

Pg. 32 Ch. Billo Della Caveja and Ch. Dolcinello Del Discoletto. Two captions are reversed. The caption under the lower left picture should be under the upper right picture and vice versa.

Pg. 47 The negative was flipped; the martingale is on the left, Resco is on the right.

Pg. 58 The captions for the pictures of Ch. Windriver Ruby Tuesday and Ch. Antony's Daisy Mae D'Romine have been reversed.

Pg. 68 This is a picture of Ch. Marchwind BelCanto Pennywise who was mated to Ch. Wagalot's Breath of Life. Her picture and their get appear on pag. 30 of The Italian Greyhound Magazine. The wrong IG from the picture of the two of them was inadvertently reproduced in the book.

Pg. 136 & 197 should have read Ch. Donmar's Scarlet Ribbons has 22 Bests In Show

Pg. 148 These dogs were not Best In Show. The page should not have immediately followed the Best In Show section.

Pg. 151 Correct name of the dog shown by Mary Ann Smart (left) is Ch. Donmar's Riverdance

Pg. 174 ALLURE should have an *

Pg. 176 Primo/Siewal are two separate breeders (daugther and mother)

Pg. 240 Ch. Dasa's Ziegfield was owned by June Mastrocola.

Ch. Kalon's Heart and Soul in on pg. 258
Ch. La Scala Leontyne of Tucker is on pg. 257

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