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The Italian Greyhound, 21st Century
by Lilian S. Barber
over 350 pages / more than 400 pictures
ISBN:0-9611986-2-1 Pub.: I.G. Productions, 2002

The Italian Greyhound, 21st Century
Just about everything worth knowing about an Italian Greyhound is contained in this updated hardcover volume.

Significant contributions were made by Teri Dickinson, DVM (veterinarian specializing in Italian Greyhounds); Audrey Sutton (authority on IG Collectibles and Collecting); Barbara J. Silverstein (Obedience & the IG)); Patricia Campbell (Agility and the IG); Con Moothart (Lure Coursing & the IG); Teri Dickinson (IG in Racing); and artist Lilia Berozkina.

The book is currently out of print but may be available from Amazon.com or on eBay.

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