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The Italian Greyhound, 21st Century
by Lilian S. Barber
350 pages / illustrated throughout
ISBN:0-9611986-2-1 Pub.: I.G. Productions, 2002

T a b l e   o f   C o n t e n t s

  Part One -- An Italian Greyhound Primer

Preface   Chapter 1. Characteristics of the Breed   Chapter 2. The Italian Greyhound Standard   Chapter 3. History   Chapter 4. How and Where to Buy a Puppy   Chapter 5. Before you Bring Your I.G. Puppy Home   Chapter 6. Grooming   Chapter 7. Housetraining   Chapter 8. Nutrition   Chapter 9. Basic Training   Chapter 10. Coping with Problems   Chapter 11. Traveling with Your I.G.   Chapter 12. Getting Involved   Chapter 13. Rescue and Adoption   Chapter 14. IG Collectibles and Collectors

 Part Two -- Health and Welfare of Your IG by Teri Dickinson, DVM

  Chapter 15. Keeping Your IG Healthy   Chapter 16. If Your IG Gets Sick   Chapter 17. Genetic Health of Italian Greyhounds

 Part Three -- The Italian Greyhound as a Show Dog

  Chapter 18. To Show or Not to Show   Chapter 19. An Introduction to Dog Shows Chapter 20. Interpreting the Standard   Chapter 21. The Italian Greyhound Movement   Chapter 22. Bloodlines and Choosing One   Chapter 23. Some Top Producing Pedigrees   Chapter 24. Buying a Show Puppy   Chapter 25. Show Training and "The Uglies"   Chapter 26. Showing the Italian Greyhound

 Part Four -- The IG as a Performance Dog

  Chapter 27. The IG in Obedience   Chapter 28. Agility and The IG   Chapter 29. The IG in Lure Coursing   Chapter 30. The IG in Racing

 Part Five -- Advanced Italian Greyhound Ownership

Chapter 31. To Breed or Not to Breed   Chapter 32. Choosing a Stud Dog, Basic Genetics   Chapter 33. The Brood Bitch, her Care and Breeding   Chapter 34. The Litter   Chapter 35. Selling Puppies   Chapter 36. Stud Management   Chapter 37. When the Numbers Grow   Chapter 38. The Italian Greyhound in Old Age   Bibliography     Picture Index   Health Index   About the Author

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