José Flauzino

M. Sc. in Informatics


Brazil, Curitiba - PR

Research Interest

Some of my favorite subjects.

NFV - Network Functions Virtualization

In particular, I am interested in efforts to evolve systems that enable the provision of NFV-based environments. Often this involves the design and development of NFV systems/platforms, using enablers such as Cloud Computing and Software-Defined Networks (SDN). It also involves discussions related to the NFV specification.

Computer Networks

Especially topics related to the provision and management of Network Services. Some of these topics are Service Function Chaining (SFC) and Service Orchestration. Furthermore, I am interested in Network Performance Analysis.


My top researches.


My academic trajectory.
2018 - 2021

Master in Informatics

Federal University of Paraná - UFPR

Scholarship: CAPES

Brazil, Curitiba - PR

Title: Uma Plataforma NFV-MANO para Suporte e Orquestração de Serviços de Rede Virtualizados em Nuvem CloudStack.

Advisor: Elias Procópio Duarte Júnior.

2016 - 2018

MBA in Linux Network Administration

University of Araraquara - UNIARA

Brazil, Araraquara - SP

Title: Apresentando as funcionalidades básicas do IPv6 com ferramentas de captura de pacotes e análise de tráfego disponíveis em sistemas Linux

Advisor: Carlos Alberto Silva.

2013 - 2016

Computer Networks

Federal Institute of Mato Grosso - IFMT

Brazil, Pontes e Lacerda - MT

Title: Desenvolvimento do NetworKing: um software de gerenciamento de computadores em rede local.

Advisor: Paulo Henrique Bueno Lopes.

Research Projects

Projects I participated in.
2018 - 2019


Federated Ecosystem for OfferiNg, Distribution, and Execution of Virtual Network Functions

It is an ecossystem to support the desing, development and instantiation of NFV-based services, in addition to a marketplace for offering and distribution of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). FENDE presents itself as a unique system of its kind, and enables the distribution of both networks functions and services, in a manner that is akin to virtual marketplaces (e.g., Google Play and Apple Store). FENDE also allows the management of services and functions, including Service Function Chainning (SFC).


Yes. I have been around.
2021 - Present

Software Developer


Brazil, Brusque - SC

I have two lines of work. The first one is related to the design and development of Java web applications. The second line is focused on the development of software applications (middlewares) able to integrate heterogeneous systems. In both cases, the main technologies involved are: Java, Spring Boot Framework, Angular, and Maven.

2016 - 2018

Substitute Professor

Federal Institute of Mato Grosso - IFMT

Brazil, Pontes e Lacerda - MT

I taught classes for technical courses integrated to high school and higher education. Some disciplines: Introduction to Computer Networks, Advanced Topics in Computer Networks, Introduction to Computer Programming, Programming in Network Environments, Open Network Systems (Linux) and Fundamentals of Information Security.

2012 - 2016

Computer Technician

Super Soft Informática

Brazil, Pontes e Lacerda - MT

I worked with preventive and corrective maintenance in computers and printers, structuring of computer networks (network cabling, file and printer sharing, asset configurations and so forth), management of MS platforms servers Windows and Linux, installation and configuration of surveillance and monitoring systems, among other activities.


Where I have studied.

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August 09, 2021.