A full NFV solution for Apache CloudStack clouds, based on ETSI NFV-MANO specification.


Vines contains a VNF Manager (VNFM) able to manage the lifecycle of VNFs in order to deploy, update and delete VNFs in CloudStack clouds. This includes operations such as installation, configuration, initialization and stopping the network function (software) itself, within each VNF instance. In addition, Vines' VNFM is capable of performing auto scaling and auto recovery of crashed VNFs.

Also, Vines has an NFV Orchestrator (NFVO) that allows network operators to compose and manage virtualized network services.

Furthermore, Vines makes available an Element Management System (mandatory to the VNFs management) and a VNF execution platform called Leaf (oppitional use).

Currently Vines is part of an ongoing research at the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil), being developed and maintained by José Flauzino, then it is an unofficial CloudStack project.


  • VNF lifecycle management
  • Network Function control
  • CSAR VNF Packages support
  • Vertical Auto Scaling of VNFs based on monitoring policy
  • Auto Recovery of crashed VNFs based on monitoring policy
  • Composition and management of network services

Installation Guide

You can prepare your own CloudStack cloud with full NFV support provided by Vines!

Click on the button below and check how to do this.

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Administration Guide

After installing and configuring your CloudStack/Vines deployment, follow the tips in the Vines Administration Guide to learn how to manage VNFs and Network Services.

Click on the button below to access the guide.

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API Documentation

Vines makes available a set of new NFV features on the CloudStack.

The CloudStack API calls are extended by Vines, so Vines features are accessed in the same way as CloudStack features. Click on the button below to see more details of the Vines API.

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Source Code

The Vines solution is publicly available as open source software. Click on the button below to see more details of the Vines source code.

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José Flauzino, Vinicius Fülber-Garcia, Giovanni Venâncio, Elias P. Duarte Jr. "Além do OpenStack: Disponibilizando o Suporte para Funções Virtualizadas de Rede NFV-MANO no CloudStack". XXVIII Simpósio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores e Sistemas Distribuídos (SBRC'2020), Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2020.

Note: New publications are planned for 2021.


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