L a   S c a l a   I t a l i a n   G r e y h o u n d s:   H i s t o r y
L i l i a n   &   D o n   B a r b e r
Am. Ch. La Scala Primadonna do Reino
Am. Ch. Willow's Song of Angels X Am. Ch. Peonya do BR Reino, 2015
- B I D U -
Breders/Owners:   Lilian Barber & Elias P. Duarte Jr.

Thank you judge Mr. Darryl Vice for the Best of Breed under tough competition:

Thank you judge Mrs. Suzanne Dillin for this great win from the 9 to 12 puppy class:

Bidu went on to get her second major going Best of Breed over five specials! Thank you judge Dr. Steve Keating:

Next she won a very special Best of Breed from the classes, thank you judge Mr. Joe Walton:

As a puppy, Bidu was also a Sweeptstakes Best of Opposite Sex, thank you judge Mrs. Pam Conick:

Thank you judge Mr. Rodney Herner for Bidu's first points:

And thank you judge Ms. Lani McKennon for Bidu's third 3rd major to finish:

In this picture Bidu was a 4-month old puppy:

Moving as a 4-month old puppy:

      Pedigree: Ch. La Scala Primadonna do Reino (2015)
Ch. Willow's Song of Angels BISS Ch. Integra-Uwharrie After Shock Ch. Uwharrie Red Rain Ch. Flagstone Stock Option UD
Ch. Luxenberg's Kiss Me Kate
Ch. Uwharrie's Moonstone Integra Ch. Uwharrie's Solar Flare
Ch. Dasa's Hilary
Ch. Cana-Hora Silver Springs Am./U.K. Ch. Hestia Helgar Turigner High Tide
Hestia Quo Vadis
Ch. Dasa's King's Final Edition Ch. Dasa's King Of The Mountain
Dasa's Quicksilver
Ch. Peonya do BR Reino Ch. Petronius do Reino Ch. La Scala Eribaldo do Condado Ch. Pikop's Tic Toc Piaget
Ch. Musica Proibita Di La Scala
Ch. Riccio's Blue Magic D'Kalon Ch. Sunjata's Wrangler Blues
BISS Ch. Kalon's Heart and Soul
BIS Ch. Dorotka do BR Reino Ch. Harlekin El Aakash Ch. Pop Corn du Domaine de Chanteloup
Ch. Zenobia El Aakash
RBIS Ch. Kinga do BR Reino Ch. Lovesong Vico Di La Scala
Ch. Riccio's Blue Magic D'Kalon

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