L a   S c a l a   I t a l i a n   G r e y h o u n d s:   H i s t o r y
L i l i a n   &   D o n   B a r b e r
Ch. Amore's Royal Stargazer, Top Producer
Ch. La Scala Il Leone Di Tucker X Ch. Amore's Til The End Of Time, 1997
- R Y A N -

Ryan was bred by V. Jeannie Love (Amore IG's) and is one of the 8 champions (4 Top Producers) out of Top Producer Tony and Jeannie's lovely Top Producer Tillie, Ch. Amore's Til The End Of Time. In the picture above you can see Ryan and one of his sisters, Ch. Amore's Celestial Starstruck.

Ryan has sired 6 champions and is listed as a Top Producer from 2011. Ryan was bred once to Belle (BISS Ch. Voici Azzurra Di La Scala) and has a champion son from that litter that finished with a group placement: Ch. La Scala L'Ultima Evviva D'Coccolare, owned by Linda Kennedy, Coccolare IG's.

Pedigree of Ch. Amore's Royal Stargazer (1997)
Ch. La Scala Il Leone Di Tucker Ch. Ballon's Desert Stardust Ch. Winsapphire Demeris D'Pikop Ch. Bevsoni's CC & Acqua
Ch. Pikop's Sonnet
Pikop Midnight Orchid Ch. Pikop's Nite Hawk D' Candlewood
EKC's Solatarra D'Pikop
Ch. Tucker's Candy Apple Ch. Nodla's Master Dancer Ch. Tucker's Don Carlo Di La Scala
Ch. Nodla's April of Mun-Dale
Ch. Tucker's Apple Brown Betty Ch. Sylhue Paradigm
Ch. Wendav's Tucker Pride And Joy
Ch. Amore's Til The End Of Time Ch. Mira Time After Time Ch. Viva Somewhere In Time D'Mira Ch. Mira Twilight Time
Ch. Viva's The Carioca
Mira Violetta Mira Buck Rogers
Ch. Coachwynn's Anisette, CD
Amore's Rambling Rose Ch. Mira The Heir Apparent Ch. Ballon's Desert Startdust
Ch. Mira Riata
Mira Cherry Tart Ch. Mira Killian
Ch. Mira Miss Rogers

Ryan's Offspring of Note

  • Out of Ch. Brio Anji's St. Nicarete:
    Ch. Linkirk Let D Goodtimes Roll

  • Out of Jaro's Tinkerbelle:
    Ch. Jaro's Hugo Z. Hackenbush III

  • Out of Ch. Misty Vale Penny Lane:
    Ch. Sweet Elegance of Westwind
    Ch. Westwind Justinian Royal
    Ch. Westwind La Principessa

  • Out of BISS Ch. Voici Azzurra Di La Scala:
    Ch. La Scala L'Ultima Evviva D'Coccolare

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