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Ch. Sand Creek Aida Di La Scala
Ch. Sand Creek Ultra Ferazi X Pikop's Gemstone O'Montrose, 1994
- S A N D Y -

Sandy is one of La Scala's foundation bitches. A lovely red and white, with wonderful temperament, Sandy was bred by Judy Murff (Sand Creek IG's) and Linda L. Legare. Sandy was a stud fee puppy Judy got from Linda. Judy and Lilian had been having some extensive correspondence at the time, and she insisted on giving Sandy to Lilian. Lilian didn't really want another dog at that point, but Judy talked her into flying to Wyoming to see the puppy and, of course, Lilian fell in love with Sandy and brought her home. Showing her was a lot of fun - something that cannot be said of all IG's, and then she became an important producer for La Scala.

Sandy was bred twice to Tony, and produced two champions, both co-owned by Lilian: Aria, co-owned by Charlotte Wamser, and Angel, co-owned by Belina Lazzar, plus the major pointed Bailey. These daughters in turn produced many more champions, including two IG's that were very influential in other countries: Simon in the UK, and Vico in Brazil.

Pedigree of Ch. Sand Creek Aida Di La Scala (1994)
Ch. Sand Creek Ultra Ferazi Ch. Bo-Bett's Hello Gorgeous Ch. Tekoneva's Dario Ch. Winsapphire Borsalino
Ch. Tekoneva's Alegria
Bo-Bett's Baby Breath Ch. Oxdal's Fascinatin' Fella
Ch. Zebec Zia
Ch. Mira Chablis Di Ferazi Can. Ch. Mira Danny Boy Ch. Mira Red Sails At Night
Ch. Mira Riata
Ch. Rococo Dominica Mira Ch. Zebec Smokey Bear
Ch. Laviere Sweetfire Sprite
Pikop's Gemstone O'Montrose Ch. Pikop's Gold Fever D'Charmac Ch. Pikop's Indgo Roc D'Candlewood Ch. Pikop's Lil Midnight Special
Ch. Candlewood's Blue Champagne
Pikop's Birth Of The Blues Ch. Candlewood's Marco D'Pikop
Ch. Pikop Boomerang's Jubilee
Pikop's Dark Crystal Ch. Pikop's Ghost Buster Ch. Classic's Destined To Be
Ch. Pikop's Flash Dancer
Ch. Pikop's Ring Of Fire Ch. Pikop's Nite Hawk D'Candlewood
Ch. EKC Solatarra D'Pikop

Sandy's Offspring of Note

  • Ch. Aria D'Amore Di La Scala, CD, Top Producer, by Ch. La Scala Il Leone Di Tucker
  • Ch. La Scala Angelica Di Belini, by Ch. La Scala Il Leone Di Tucker
  • Send In The Clowns Di La Scala (major pointed), by Ch. La Scala Il Leone Di Tucker

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