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Ch. La Traviata Di La Scala
Amami Alfredo Di La Scala X Lady Geniviea, 1973
- N O V A -

At a point in which Lilian had had several problems with her breeding program (you can read that story here) and did not have a bitch to continue breeding to, miraculously one of the drivers at Technicolor, where she was working, saw an IG at a horse ranch, which was on her route. When the driver came back she asked if Lilian knew people with a horse ranch in that area that also had IGs. Lilian asked the driver to get the phone number of the people. Lilian called them and found out that their male was Alfie, Amami Alfredo Di La Scala, a Nero X Tina son from Tina's second litter. Lilian had tried for years to locate Alfie. The ranch people had bought a bitch to breed to him so they could have puppies to sell. Lilian went to look at their litter and tried to buy Alfie back, but they wouldn't sell him. She did buy one of the puppies. That became Ch. La Traviata Di La Scala (Nova). She is behind everything that came later.

Nova was bred three times, all of them to sires that became important in the breed in the U.S.:

  • Ch. Pikop's Little Winemaker Me (by Ch. Wavecrest Mack The Knife), Top Producer sire of 10 champions
  • Ch. Sylhue Paradigm
  • Ch. Sylhue Passkey, from this breeding came Ch. Ballatella Di La Scala

    Several of the offspring should have finished but Lilian couldn't keep more dogs and she was not in a good position to place Nova's puppies in show homes. This was right during and after her move from the San Francisco area to Southern California. They all got good pet homes but only the one Lilian kept (Ballatella --aka "April") made a real mark in the IG world.

    Pedigree of Ch. La Traviata Di La Scala (1973)
    Amami Alfredo Di La Scala Ch. San Dan Nero of Hi Skyes Ch. Nodla Tony Boy Paolo of Chelstoncross
    Carlotta of Jachelann
    Boyer's Molly B of Leorra Harwill's Blue Flash of Leorra
    Heide of Leorra
    Davette's Tina Carlotta, CD Bonny Lad of Kashan Ch. Orson V. Bayerischen Meer
    Curious Lass of Kashan
    Marta of Kashan Ch. Orson V. Bayerischen Meer
    Kirklea Kim
    Lady Geniviea Emperador Paolo Di Anza Tiger of Leorra Harwill's Blue Flash of Leorra
    Heide of Leorra
    Celeste Aida Di Anza Ch. Jon-El's Comet of Leorra
    Dino's Marquesa of Leorra
    Shaw's Snoopy Peter of Leorra Pied Piper of Jachelann
    Bon Bon of Leorra
    BJ's Nancy Mickie of Leorra
    Ch. Duchess Gay Topaz of Leorra

    Nova's Offspring of Note

  • Ch. Ballatella Di La Scala, by Ch. Sylhue Passkey

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