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L i l i a n   &   D o n   B a r b e r
Ch. Amelia Di La Scala
Ch. Pikop's Lil Midnight Special, TP X Ch. Sylhue Maid of Virtue, 1977
- D O M I N O -

Lilian's beloved Domino

Sleep gently in the warming sun
The aches and blemish of age undone
Your head no longer grey
Jet black again today
As it was in years gone by
When both of us were young and spry.
Behind me on the couch, the space
You claim to be your rightful place
Is empty now, and cold
And in my bed, a vacant fold
Between my feet, your regular spot
I see you there, but you are not
Sometimes a small presence, mostly white
Flicks through corners in the night
Dark corners of my heart and mind
But when I look I only find
The lonely places, and you're missed
Forever, within me, you'll still exist
A memory now, that brings on pain
But one day we shall meet again.

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Domino's Offspring of Note

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