Eduardo Cunha de Almeida

Professor Associado, UFPR, DInf

Contact information:
UFPR, Department of Informatics (Dinf)
Rua Cel. Francisco H. dos Santos, 100
Centro Politecnico - Jardim das Américas
Curitiba-PR, CEP: 81.531-980, Brasil
Phone: +55 (41) 3361 3656

Research, Projects and Publications

My research interest is in database systems, specifically main memory (processor-in-memory databases), and data management, specifically data profiling. Current projects, include: My projects are supported by the AWS Cloud Credits for Research program, the NVIDIA Corporation and the C3SL group.

Teaching (in Portuguese)

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Community Activities and Software

Short Bio

Selected Publications

Current Ph.D. Students:

Graduated Ph.D.:

I acknowledge grants received by my students along their Ph.D. to attend conferences, buy/use equipment and we are grateful. We received generous grants from the VLDB Endowment, ACM, SIGMOD, SIGIR, Amazon AWS, NVIDIA, MEC-Brazil, MINCOM-Brazil, CAPES and CNPQ.
Updated: 28/11/2021