Current projects

  • BigData Rules (BDR), discovering business rules from data profiling. (Supported by the AWS Cloud Credits for Research program, the NVIDIA Corporation and the C3SL group. )
  • Doric: In-memory column-store for high-performance emerging hardware (Supported by NVIDIA Corporation and AWS Cloud Credits for Research)
  • Chameleon: Self-tuning for SQL-on-Hadoop Distributed Query Processing (Supported by FNR Luxembourg, grant: C12/IS/4011170, CNPQ Universal, grant: 441944/2014-0 and by the AWS Cloud Credits for Research program)

    Past projects

    Readings in DB

    Algumas leituras que julgo importante para o aluno que está começando em nosso grupo de BD. Para mais leituras: Readings in DB Systems


    I acknowledge grants received by my students along their Ph.D. to attend conferences, buy/use equipment and we are grateful. We received generous grants from the VLDB Endowment, ACM, SIGMOD, SIGIR, Amazon AWS, NVIDIA, MEC-Brazil, MINCOM-Brazil, CAPES and CNPQ. Current: Graduated Ph.D.: Graduated M.S.: