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Ch. La Scala Stasera Canto D'Coccolare
GCh. La Scala L'Ultima Evviva D'Coccolare X Ch. La Scala Carmina Di Levriere, 2011
- D I V A -

Diva is a petite 13" tall and houndy red girl, co-bred by Lilian and Linda Kennedy, Coccolare IG's. Her show career was unfortunately delayed by a puppy accident when she was 3 1/2 months old. She was playing on the family room floor when the other five girls came rushing in and slammed her into a corner of the coffee table. Although the bones in her leg healed very well and completely straight, it took her some time to re-build the muscle and other tissue in that leg. Once she appeared regularly in the show ring she finished her title very quickly, even with a group placement in very hot Southern California Toy breed competition along the way.

Diva is a 10th generation La Scala Italian Greyhound, counting from Lilian's first IG: Tina -> Amami Alfredo Di La Scala -> Nova (Ch. La Traviata) -> April (Ch. Ballatella) -> Ashley (Ch. Olympia) -> Venus (Ch. Venere Splende) -> Carmine Burana Di La Scala -> Belle (BISS Ch. Voici Azzura Di La Scala) -> Ch. La Scala Carmina Di Levriere -> Diva.

Thank you judge Ms. Peggy Lloyd for Diva's first points:

Thank you judge Jason Hoke for the BOB and Group Placement:

Thank you judge George Milutinovich for the major:

Thank you judge Mrs. Murrell Purkhiser for Diva's finishing points:

Thank you judge Mrs. Sandra Bridges for the BOW with a major:

Pedigree of Ch. La Scala Stasera Canto D'Coccolare (2011)
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